Hardnekkige misvattingen over Zuid-Korea zijn schadelijker dan ooit

De vraag ‘wat is het geheim van de Zuid-Koreaanse coronavirus-aanpak?’ passeerde de laatste tijd vaak de revue. Wetenschappers, journalisten en columnisten probeerden het voorlopige succes van Zuid-Korea te verklaren, maar deden dat vaak op basis van stereotypen over Aziatische landen en onjuiste informatie over Zuid-Korea. Door Ifang Bremer. Na zes weken sinds de eerste bekendeContinue reading “Hardnekkige misvattingen over Zuid-Korea zijn schadelijker dan ooit”

North Korean monuments under the African sun

Interview | Tycho van der Hoog A surreal discovery: North Korea built monuments all over Southern Africa. When Tycho van der Hoog (25), a researcher at the African Studies Centre Leiden, encountered a Stalinist-looking building in the center of Namibia’s capital city Windhoek, he could not believe his eyes. What is the story behind theseContinue reading “North Korean monuments under the African sun”

Homophobia turns violent at Incheon’s first ever queer parade

Incheon/Amsterdam – On september 8, the first ever Queer Culture Festival in Incheon was violently obstructed by anti-LGBT protesters. 300 festival visitors were surrounded by some 1000 opponents of the queer festival. For nine hours, the festival visitors were stuck between police lines without access to water, food or toilets. “From the moment we gotContinue reading “Homophobia turns violent at Incheon’s first ever queer parade”


Seoul – While the sun sets over Gyeongbokgung palace, an angry mob of around 1500 people shouts “fake refugees out!” The target of protest are 500 Yemeni refugees who arrived at Jeju Island earlier this month. The diverse demographics of the crowd surprised me: among the protesters were many students, families, elderly, young couples. The mostContinue reading ““FAKE REFUGEES OUT””

Peace is in the air, but is it really?

Today, I walked past Seoul’s city hall and encountered this gigantic poster covering a large section of the building. The text on the poster reads: “Peace made by the South and North, the City of Seoul is with you/will also join”. It’s a clear sign of support for South Korean president Moon Jae-in’s North KoreaContinue reading “Peace is in the air, but is it really?”

#몰카: Hidden Cameras Stir Up South Korea’s Gender Debate

“Did they photograph us, you think?” -“I don’t know… but if I so, I hope I’m smiling!” – two guys joke around while the police fences off an area around a toilet in the K-building at the Sogang campus.  Someone hid a secret camera in the man’s restroom and posted photos on the Korean extremeContinue reading “#몰카: Hidden Cameras Stir Up South Korea’s Gender Debate”